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NCIS LA’s Chris O’Donnell (Vegas Magazine 19/04/2011)

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Chris O’Donnell looks smoldering with his hair übershort for NCIS LA–in that conservative, boy-next-door look that seems to have never left him. O’Donnell, who rose to fame opposite Mr. Hoo-ah himself, Al Pacino, in Scent of a Woman, has just hit the benchmark age of 40–but that’s not about to slow the man down. “I’m having a blast,” he says. “I love LA and love working with LL Cool J and the rest of the cast. I couldn’t be happier. You grow tight with everybody when you have such a great cast.” You’d think he’d be exhausted from his schedule alone: When he’s not filming back-to-back episodes of NCIS LA, he’s hanging with his wife of 14 years, Caroline, and their five young children—yes, you read that correctly, five—who range in age from three to 11. Fortunately, Vegas was lucky enough to get a little time with the actor, who talked about his love of television, his time with costar LL Cool J and when he knew his wife was “the one.”

Funniest moment on-set: An April Fool’s Day joke we played on LL last year. We made him believe some protein-powder company used his face to market its product. He got pretty worked up.

My wife and kids visit the set: Every once in a while. Three of the kids have actually been on the show!

Favorite part about my NCIS LA character: The mystery that surrounds him. He doesn’t even know his real name.

Favorite date night: Bar at the Hotel Bel-Air. Oysters, burgers and truffle fries.

Favorite compliment: It’s nice to hear how much people love the show. That makes you feel good, because we work hard at it.

My personal style would be described as: Traditional

My home is: Under construction

I knew my wife was the one: When I first kissed her

Most recent present I bought my wife: Earrings, for her birthday

My favorite thing about being a dad is: It doesn’t matter how stressed out you are at the end of the day, when you see your kids it puts you in a good place.

My haircare routine: They buzz my hair once a week now.

I drive: An Audi

My driving is: Aggressive

My phone: iPhone

Last book I read: Andre Agassi’s autobiography, Open

Last movie I saw: The King’s Speech

All-time favorite vacation: Italy. My wife and I, with three other couples, just hung out and ate.

You’ll catch me shopping for: wine

Compared to my wife’s cooking, mine is: Not as good

Favorite Vegas hotel: The Wynn

Favorite show in Vegas: Anything Cirque du Soleil

LA and Vegas and so close but: I just don’t have the time to get there like I used to. Between work and the family, it’s tough.


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