Craig Robert Young & Chris O’Donnell sur le plateau de NCIS : LA

British Actor Craig Robert Young Back in NCIS: Los Angeles…
Source : Sean Borg goes LA (19/07/11)

Les premières infos sur l’épisode 1 de la saison 3 de NCIS: LA commencent à se propager. Le titre de cet épisode sera « Lange, H. » On en saura plus sur cette mystérieuse famille roumaine du nom de Comescu dont Hetty ferait partie.

This is a real dynamic duo if ever I saw one. No, Chris O’Donnell isn’t returning as Robin, with British actor Craig Robert Young as a new trusted sidekick (though that would be fun)… but the pair, seen here in my exclusive on-set-snap, are back starring together in the upcoming season of NCIS: Los Angeles, hitting our screens this coming fall.

I can’t give too much away, but I can tell you someone has a serious vendetta against Special Agent G. Callen played by O’Donnell, which is sure to have a grisly end.

Viewers were briefly introduced to Young’s character – Darcul Comescu – the son of a top Romanian crime family in last season’s nail-biting finale, where we also saw Hetty Lange, played by actress Linda Hunt, proclaiming to be a part of the Comescu family. The drama then went into overload leaving fans on the edge of their seats desperately wanting more…

Now, Young is back on location with the cast, but sworn to secrecy as to how it all unfolds. He did throw out a little tease for us telly-addicts however, saying that: “Things get really intense, and the ending of this episode is sure to shock even the greatest of NCIS: LA fans.” 

Oo-la-la… What could he mean by that !? Sounds like another gripping plot and by far (I’m told) one of the best episodes of the series, screaming Emmy nod!

Considering NCIS: Los Angeles is the second-highest-rated scripted show on U.S TV and didn’t score a single ‘nod’ at last week’s award announcements, perhaps this episode could snag a nomination for the show next year!

The outcome is certainly a ‘bloody’ one, judging by the state of Young’s ripped sleeve and blood stained arm, courtesy of the show’s award winning make-up department. Kudos ! I was wincing when I saw it.

The season premiere of NCIS: Los Angeles is on Sept 20th on CBS 8/7 Central, and if you can’t wait till then to see Mr. Young, you can catch him in the popular web series Andy and Chaz Bugger off to America at Love those guys !


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